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Loro Piana Yarns Unparalleled look and feel


At its historic Italian headquarters in Quarona, Loro Piana develops new colour recipes. Using a state-of-the-art laboratory, a hotbed of ideas and experiments, it creates innovative shades for customers seeking the finest, exclusive knitwear. Fine raw materials are dyed in compliance with the highest quality and environmental standards. The water used in the process is returned to nature with the highest degree of purity. Another reason why knitwear made with Loro Piana Yarns is truly unique.




The most exclusive knitwear garments have a secret: Loro Piana yarns, created using the finest natural raw materials in the world and 100% Made in Italy. To ensure the highest quality, our yarns are processed with care and dedication every step of way. Furthermore, every year the Loro Piana Research and Development Laboratory studies more than 600 knitting stitches and experiments with new yarns to create precious knitwear garments with a unique look and feel. An artisan’s attention to detail and innovative creativity are the essence of Loro Piana Yarns.


The Finest Fibers For a unique sensory experience.