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Cashmere Unmatched softness and warmth.


Loro Piana cashmere is the rarest and most luxurious in the world. Its uniqueness originates in the distant lands of Mongolia and northern China, where proud shepherds raise Hircus goats. To survive the harsh winters and torrid summers, these extraordinary animals have developed a remarkable coat. In fact, their undercoat is composed of very fine fibers, about 14.5 microns in diameter, that reduce thermal osmosis to a minimum because they are concentrated in a very small area. Thanks to Loro Piana's pursuit of excellence, nature never ceases to amaze us.


Wearing Loro Piana cashmere is a wonderful experience because its softness and warmth are unparalleled. This magnificent fiber is perfect for blazers, duster coats, women's trench coats and coats, even reversible ones, that guarantee maximum breathability and lightness.

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