What if tradition were the gateway
to the future?

More than 15 years ago Loro Piana designed a product, which was destined to become one of our most iconic and most recognizable pieces: suede shoes with white soles and a patented opening, born on board a sailing yacht and grown up in the city.
The Open Walk.

Today, our white sole shoes celebrate their success and are ready to embark on a new challenging journey.

Are you ready to follow them?

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Open Knitted Walk

Open Knitted Walk is a unique and innovative product which best embodies the founding values of Loro Piana:

craftsmanship, continuous research and uncompromising quality.

The iconic Loro Piana white sole shoe is now presented in a knitted version

Available in numbered limited-edition colors, exclusively online

Produced from extremely refined raw materials

Knitted Open Walk has been crafted based on the know-how of Loro Piana knitting facilities.

The shoe is presented in limited edition tones, exclusively available online

Knitted 2/60 Wish wool


Knitted 2/60 Wish wool

Azure Grey

Knitted 2/60 Wish wool


Knitted 2/60 Wish wool

Slate Grey

Knitted 2/60 Wish wool


The stitching on the front of the upper is carefully handmade

Every step involves meticulous attention to detail for uncompromising quality.

The iconic white sole, with the loro piana initials for a non- slip finish

The sole is produced using a blend of natural rubber and innovative technical elements to remain elastic and lightweight.

A tribute to its nautical origins, the Open Knitted Walk feature a space on the heel to write the owner’s name. Did you know that?

Crafted with an exclusive construction

The upper part is made of Wish® wool crafted on a knitwear loom.

The exclusive worsted yarn is produced from selected lots of Super 160’s Merino wool, renowned for its softness, thermo-regulating and breathable properties.

The patented opening features a hidden elastic concealed by a specially-designed upper for an easy and comfortable slip on and comfort while walking. The concealed elastic naturally follows the movements of the feet.

Treated with the innovative Rain System®

We won't encourage you to use them while swimming, but the innovative Rain System® makes the shoe’s surface water repellent. The surface is lined in technical fabric, which is applied using heat-sealing, to prevent water to pass through the micro holes of the sewings.

knitted open walk is an incredibly comfortable and versatile shoe

It combines an unprecedented comfort experience with style, exclusivity and excellent quality.

With this extraordinary product, Loro Piana creates something special and original, offering you maximum comfort and well-being, and the rediscovery of a sensory approach with natural materials and an out of the ordinary wearability experience.

Limited edition

Open Knitted Walk


Watch the Open Walk Limited Edition in 3D