2018 Game

Competing schools

  • École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré
    Paris, France
  • Politecnico di Milano
    Milan, Italy
  • Jefferson University
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Theme: Tradition and revolution

Contrast defines this stylistic game of mix-and-match and cultural contamination. Understanding and appropriating the dialogue between past and future, fluctuating between the concepts of antiquity and modernity, splendour and simplicity, micro and macro, rurality and urbanism.

A colourful framework, fertile ground within which the possible combinations of opposites must awaken without temporal or geographical limits, drawing upon folklore and tribal arts.

Traversing countries and centuries, alternating aesthetic antitheses, be it in lines, shapes or colours, free to establish a dialectic that at times draws upon – and transfigures – reality.


Bruno Costa and Maelle Rouxel

Tradition and Revolution melting together

Weather it is a political or cultural twist, a revolution is a moment of style. Tradition and avant garde rotate to create blended iconographies and silhouettes. Using the example of three specific revolutions, Russia’s peasant revolution in 1917 and its upcoming new era in 1918, Mai 1968’s student revolution on the parisian pavements and London’s punk revolution in the late 1970s, we aimed to express Loro Piana’s cashmere’s timeless qualities. Each revolution’s identity is specified by its color scheme and version of the upmost revolutionary fabric, tartan. The superposition of garments enhances the melting of these revolutions together in a timeless mix and match allure.

Bruno Costa and Maelle Rouxel