2016 Game

Competing schools

  • École Supérieure Des Arts Appliqués Duperré
    Paris, France
  • Central Saint Martin College of Art & Design
    London, England
  • Istituto Marangoni
    Milan, Italy

Theme: Urban Remix

A new “urban odyssey” that showcases architecture, repetitive symmetry, linear disruption and 3D effects.

Outsider art meets exacting design, futurism and Art Deco. Nature’s victorious intrusion reclaims urbanised spaces to build the Atlantis of the future for visionary urbanites.

Inspired by the theme “Urban Remix”, the competition involves the decomposition of lines and volumes and their successive reconstruction in geometric interpretations and 3D effects, conveying the notion of a multifaceted, ceaselessly evolving contemporary metropolis.


The protagonists in this year’s event


French students Nicolas Blas and Quentin Maurin from the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré won the competition. Judging criteria included the comparative originality of the proposed solutions, technical feasibility, professionalism and organisation in presenting the materials.

With their Co/Exit concept, they rendered tangible their specific know-how and personal universes, creating an entry in which the principles of architecture and digital culture merge and expand in arborescent canvases.