Distinctive looks
and unique textures

Carpets in Visso wool: the latest addition to the Loro Piana Interiors collection

Loro Piana Interiors
An Italian excellence, at your feet

The carpets in Visso wool by Loro Piana Interiors are an all-Italian rediscovery. Visso wool comes from the place of the same name in the Marche region of Central Italy, from the fleece of the Sopravissana sheep - an ancient, native breed - and in particular from sheeps normally reared for meat or dairy products, making this a virtuous circle. This pleasingly rustic, very resilient wool was rediscovered by Loro Piana in all its uniqueness.

Two different geometric designs have been chosen for our Visso wool carpets: Losanga and Spina. These skilfully crafted carpets showcase the fibre's unique attributes: highly durable and flame retardant, they accentuate all the natural properties of wool, from its thermal performance to its moisture-absorbing capabilities. Each design teams a dark yarn with one in a selection of five colours, giving rise to a more or less visible mélange effect, depending on the shades used. The carpets are available in 5 different widths with customizable lengths, and are delivered finished with a loom-woven border.