The quintessence of softness,
from Loro Piana Interiors

Loro Piana Interiors
Cashmere meets silk in a celebration of comfort

Cashfur is a truly original interpretation of one of our signature materials: cashmere. Crafted from carefully selected, ultra-fine cashmere teamed with lustrous silk, this unique fabric boasts a distinctive texture that is an innovative, responsible take on "fur". It is crafted using special circular knitting looms, complemented by sophisticated finishing processes, the most important of which is trimming the nap to a uniform length for a perfectly smooth surface and enveloping softness. Cashfur is available both in the natural white shade of cashmere fibre, left undyed, and in bolder colours that accentuate its unique look.

Being crafted on a knitting loom means it is a very elastic, versatile option which adapts both to the shape of garments and accessories, and the curvy lines of the furniture pieces. Cashfur was indeed originally created as an innovative solution for coats and jackets, before being used for leather goods and lastly decor, becoming an excellence in the Interiors range. Here it is used to create soft, custom-made throws and cushions, as well as for upholstering the most refined furniture designs, guaranteed to lend warmth and softness to any space.


The Palm Duet Chaise Longue and Ottoman


Chaise longue with broad armrest that can be occupied...


Conceived to complemet the Palm Duet Chaise Longue...

Cashfur adapts perfectly to bigger and smaller furniture pieces. The designer Raphael Navot chose Cashfur for the gentle curves of the Palm Duet Chaise Longue, complemented by the Palm Duet Ottoman. Both are available in natural shades and a selection of bold colours.

The Delight Chairs St. Moritz


Folding director's chair in mohogany wood in an exclusive barrique finish...


Armchair in mohogany wood in an exclusive barrique finish...

Cashfur warms the chairs designed by Paola Navone and produced by Exteta, adding an extra touch of softness to our 3L Storm System® fabrics in Cashmere and Wool.


Made to Measure throws and cushions

The versatile spirit of Cashfur embraces creativity with our Made to Measure service. The throws and cushions are paired with a cashmere fabric and finished with stitches in tonal shades.


The Cashfur colour range, available in four versatile shades, is enriched with special hues.

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