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    PRIVACY NOTICE (May 25, 2018 version)

    1. Data Controller

      Loro Piana S.p.A. with registered offices in Corso Rolandi 10, Quarona (VC) – 13017, Italy, in its quality as data controller ("Loro Piana") which can be contacted at the following email address privacy@loropiana.com, informs you, according to European Regulation No. 679/2016 on the processing of personal data ("European Privacy Regulation") that it processes the personal data provided by you ("Data") with the following modalities.

    2. Ways of Data Processing

      Data is processed in paper and electronic form in line with organizational and security requirements defined by applicable laws.

    3. Purposes of Data Processing

      Loro Piana processes Data (such as, for instance, name, surname, address, the details of your purchases, etc.) collected from you, even online through its websites for the following purposes (i) to manage the sale of our products and provide sale and after-sale services (including, for instance, fraud prevention, returns, guarantee and customer support) and, concerning online activities, manage the services offered by our websites, including the management of your information requests ("Contractual Purposes"); (ii) to comply with legal and regulatory obligations ("Legal Purposes"); and, with your prior consent, (iii) to send marketing communications through electronic means (including, for instance, email, SMS, MMS, mobile, social network and instant messages) or paper means (including, for instance, traditional mail) to promote our trademarks, services and/or products and to conduct market analysis and statistics ("Marketing Purposes") and (iv) to analyse your habits, interests and preferences in order to offer services and send marketing communications on these basis ("Profiling Purposes"). Moreover, your Data related to spending volume, product category, store of purchasing and date of birth may be processed from May 25th 2018 on the basis of Loro Piana's legitimate interest to provide a service in line with your needs, adequately balanced with the necessity of your rights protection ("Marketing Related Legitimate Interest Purposes").

    4. Legal Basis

      Processing of Data for Contractual Purposes is mandatory since it is necessary to register, purchase products and use specific services offered by Loro Piana. Processing of Data for Legal Purposes is mandatory since it is required by the applicable laws. If you do not provide Data, it would not be possible to provide the products or services provided by Loro Piana that you request. Processing of Data for Marketing and Profiling Purposes is not mandatory and subject to your prior consent which, in any case, may be revoked. Processing of Data for Marketing Related Legitimate Interest is functional to the pursuit of a legitimate interest of Loro Piana, properly balanced with your interests and, considering the limitation to this form of processing explained in paragraph 3 and it will be carried out starting from May 25th 2018, when the European Privacy Regulation becomes applicable.

    5. Data Retention Period

      Your Data is processed for no longer that is necessary to fulfil the above mentioned purposes and, particularly, for the Contractual Purposes Data are retained for the duration of the contract (in case of an account created on the website or in relation to services provided by Loro Piana) and for 10 years after the requested service. For the Legal Purposes, your Data is stored in accordance with the specific limitation periods defined by law. Data for Marketing and Profiling Purposes is stored for a period of 7 years from the last purchase done, as per the authorization of the Italian Data Protection Authority obtained by Loro Piana S.p.A. on March 9, 2017, and/or from the last contact with you (e.g. participation to an event, opening of a newsletter). Even Data processed for Marketing Related Legitimate Interest is retained for a period of 7 years from the last purchase done, notwithstanding the right to object to the processing at any time. Upon expiry of the above mentioned retention periods, your Data will be automatically deleted or made anonymous in a permanent and non-reversible way.

    6. Data Communication and Transfer Abroad

      For the Purposes explained in paragraph 3, Loro Piana might communicate Data, strictly necessary to each purpose of processing, to the following categories of subjects: (i) employees in charge of the processing (such as the personnel of the CRM, IT, Retail offices); (ii) consultants and professional and technical service providers (such as IT service providers, postal offices and couriers, legal consultants, etc.), companies controlled by Loro Piana, Loro Piana's companies in joint venture arrangements and Loro Piana's franchisees which may also be located in countries outside the Economic European Area (EEA) as indicated on www.loropiana.com. Data may be transferred outside the EEA according to articles 45 and 46 of the European Privacy Regulation. Your Data are not disseminated.

      You have the right to obtain a copy of Data held abroad outside the EEA and to receive information on the place where Data is kept, by asking directly to Loro Piana, through the contact details provided in paragraph 8 of this Privacy Notice.

    7. Data Subject's Rights

      You may always enforce your privacy rights, for example you may access the Data, verify Data content, origin, accuracy, ask that Data be integrated, updated, amended, deleted, blocked for breach of law, object to the processing of your Data for legitimate purposes. In addition to the rights above, you may ask for a restriction of the processing, ask for Data portability and bring a claim before the Data Protection Authority, if the premises subsist.

    8. Change, Update and Contacts

      This document will be effective from the date indicated in the heading. Loro Piana might change and/or integrate the Privacy Notice, also as a consequence of further modifications and/or integration of the European Privacy Regulation. Updates and modifications will be notified in advance and you will be able to view the update Privacy Notice at the www.loropiana.com.

      If you have doubts, questions or complaints with regard to the collection and processing of your Data, you may contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) designated by Loro Piana who is reachable to the following address privacy@loropiana.com.

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     Cookies Policy (updated 1 September 2017)


    The words in capital letters have the same meaning as under the Privacy Policy of Loro Piana, hereby recalled. Cookies are small text files sent to the device of the user by the visited website. Cookies are stored in the computer hard disk, thus allowing the website to recognize users and store certain information concerning them, in order to permit or improve the service offered. There are different types of cookies. Some are necessary to navigate on the site, others have a different purpose such as ensuring security, performing system administration tasks and statistical analysis, understanding which sections of the website are more relevant to users, or offering a personalized experience on the website. The Site uses cookies that do not run programs on the device of the user nor upload viruses on it, and that do not allow any kind of control over the device. Loro Piana does not use cookies to access information on the device, to store data on it or to monitor the activities. The foregoing refers to both the device of the user and any other device used to access the Site. 

    Session cookies are stored temporarily on the device and are deleted when the user closes the browser. If a user registers to the Site, Loro Piana may use cookies to collect personal data that allow to identify the user during subsequent visits and facilitate access, login to the Site (for example by remembering username or nationality of the user) or the navigation on it. Loro Piana also uses cookies for system administration purposes, to provide customized visits to the Site and, with user's prior consent, to profile users' preferences for commercial and marketing purposes. Disabling cookies may limit the ability to use the Site and prevent from benefitting in full of the features and services offered on the Site. In order to decide which cookies to accept or reject, please find below a description of the cookies used on the Site. 

    Types of cookies

    First Party Cookies: First party cookies are set by the website visited by the user, whose address appears in the URL window. 

    Third Party Cookies: The third party cookies are set from a different domain than the one visited by the user. When a user visits a website and a different company sends the information through that website, that is a third party cookie. 

    Session Cookies: These cookies are stored temporarily and are deleted when the user closes the browser window. 

    Persistent Cookies: Persistent cookies are stored on the device of the user between browser sessions, allowing the Site to remember preferences and actions on the Site. These cookies can be used for different purposes, e.g. to remember preferences and choices when using a site. 

    Essential cookies: These cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of the Site. Without the use of such cookies, some sections of the Site may not work. They include, for example, cookies that enable access to protected areas of the Site. These cookies do not collect personal information for marketing purposes and can not be disabled. 

    Functional Cookies: These cookies are used to identify a user that returns to the Site. It allows to customize the content and remember preferences of the user (such as the language or country). These cookies do not collect information that can identify the user. All information collected is anonymous. 

    Cookies for sharing on Social Networks: These cookies facilitate the sharing of Site content through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. To review the respective privacy policies cookies, you can visit the social networks websites. In the case of Facebook and Twitter please visit https://www.facebook.com/help/cookies and https://twitter.com/privacy.

    Analytics Cookies: These cookies are used to collect aggregate information on users' activities performed on the Site and are collected for statistical purposes.

    Profiling Cookies: These cookies are aimed at creating user profiles. They require users' prior consent and are used to send ads messages in line with the preferences shown by user during navigation.  


    Below is the detailed list of the main cookies used by this Site and their description and functionality, including the duration.


     How to change cookies settings

    Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but the user can usually change settings to disable this function. It is possible to block all types of cookies, or agree to receive only some of them disabling others. The "Options" or "Favorites" sections in the browser menu permit to accept or avoid receiving cookies and other tracking technologies, as well as to receive notification from the browser when these technologies are used. Alternatively, it is possible to manage cookies consulting the "Help" section of the toolbar present in most browsers and visit relevant websites for further information, for example Internet Explorer, Chrome; Safari; Firefox; Opera; Windows Phone; Blackberry, etc.


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