Loro Piana's sunglasses are the fruit of two different passions and competences: Loro Piana's ceaseless search for the best raw materials to be transformed into solutions suitable for the lifestyles of its customers - in this case, the highest quality filters for sunglasses - and the technical skills of Barberini, world leader in the production of optical glass solar lenses.

What is common to both is excellence.

The special lenses were originally produced by Barberini in order to realise the dream of its CEO: to create ideal lenses for glider pilots on the occasion of the World Gliding Championships held in Rieti in 2008.

Finding themselves at high altitudes in an unshielded cockpit, glider pilots need to protect their eyes perfectly from the sun's rays, which are not filtered by the clouds and the lower layers of the atmosphere.

They also need glasses that allow very clear vision in order to be able to distinguish the signals that reveal the ascending air currents used by gliders to gain lift and speed.

These lenses represent the best technologically possible solution in terms of total protection against the harmful rays of the sun while enhancing sharp and clear vision.

Loro Piana intuitively recognised the uniqueness of this new and never previously marketed excellence and, as a result of an exclusive agreement with Barberini, can now make it available to all of its customers who love open-air life and wish to protect their eyes in the most effective way.

My Sunglasses represent a refined combination of technology and craftsmanship, and are produced using natural materials: the lenses are made of glass and the frames of celluloid (cellulose acetate), which originates from plant-based cellulose.

Frames are hand crafted and every design detail is given close attention.

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