The Dr. Franco Loro Piana Reserve

Driven by its passion for outstanding raw materials and its keen awareness of environmental issues, for more than 20 years Loro Piana has supported a structured programme to reintroduce vicuña onto the international market, processing and exporting the fibre in the form of textiles and finished products created from animals that were gently and humanely sheared.

After the first concrete steps taken in 1994, when, at the head of a consortium, Loro Piana signed an agreement with the Andean communities of Peru, in 2008 it confirmed its commitment to the species by purchasing more than 2,000 hectares of land in the Pampa Galeras area. Here Loro Piana promotes observation, study and scientific research, contributing to safeguarding the vicuña and working closely with the local Andean communities. The land has been converted into a private nature reserve named after Franco Loro Piana (“Reserva Dr. Franco Loro Piana”), the father of Sergio and Pier Luigi Loro Piana.

Thus the twenty-year connection between Loro Piana and the “Queen of the Andes” continues, as does the company’s partnership with the local communities, working together to protect the species and guarantee the quantity and quality of the fibre produced and the socio-economic value generated.

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