The Gift Of Kings®: the project

Wool, the oldest natural fibre known to man, has been taken to an exceptional level of fineness and quality. Measuring only 12 microns, this wool is finer than cashmere, as light as vicuña and only available in extremely limited quantities: around 2,000 kilos a year compared to the 500 million kilos of fibre auctioned annually in Australia and New Zealand, home to the world’s best wool.

This selection is the result of a lengthy project Loro Piana began more than 30 years ago, building solid partnerships with a small number of breeders in Australia and New Zealand to incentivize the production of increasingly fine, superlative quality wool. Totally dedicated to their vocation, these farming families pass their passion for rearing Merino sheep from generation to generation. And Loro Piana continues to encourage their investment, work, and research rewarding their efforts by buying the fibre on an ongoing basis and ensuring that their achievements are officially acknowledged.

Indeed without Loro Piana’s support, this undertaking might have been abandoned in favour of an easier, less demanding approach. The farmers might merely have limited their production to medium grade wool, which is easier to market and involves less work and fewer investments, thus depriving the most discerning customers of a truly exceptional raw material.

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