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Australia is home to around 75 million sheep, only 18 million of which produce wool finer than 19 microns. In New Zealand there are 32 million sheep, but only 2.2 million of them yield fibre under 21 microns. And of these, only a few thousand produce Loro Piana’s exclusive “Gift of Kings” wool.

Loro Piana transforms 12 micron wool into super-fine yarn: so fine that one kilogram of wool, when unwound, stretches out to 130 kilometres. Extremely delicate techniques have been developed to process this wool, which is so fine it risks breaking when handled. The resulting yarn is carefully crafted into fabrics that are both gossamer light and supremely warm. With the comfort of natural stretch, they drape fluidly and are perfectly crease-resistant. The Gift of Kings® wool is exquisitely soft and a pleasure to wear. It functions like a second skin, adapting to fluctuations in body heat caused by external temperatures changing, just as the fleece protects the sheep. In cold temperatures the wool traps the body's natural heat in its fibres, while in hot conditions it ensures perfect breathability.

The Gift of Kings® is a gift of nature, a new excellence in the field of natural fibres that Loro Piana crafts into a limited series of timeless garments: exclusive outerwear, sweaters and scarves destined for the most discerning connoisseurs.

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