Loro Piana Zenit®

Inspired by Loro Piana’s passion for the world's most outstanding fibres, Loro Piana Zenit® is a collection of refined, exclusive fabrics crafted from truly superlative raw materials, conceived as the basis for creating a complete wardrobe: suits, coats, jackets and blazers.

The finest Super 200’s Merino wools, measuring a mere 13.5 micron in diameter and only available in extremely limited quantities; the legendary golden vicuña, uniquely light-weight and downy soft; feather-light, enveloping cashmere; silky, gossamer-fine chinchilla fur, and lastly linen, the eclectic plant fibre par excellence.

A unique collection of different raw materials with one thing in common: peerless quality. Skilfully blended and combined, they give rise to original fabrics that bring together the properties of the individual fibres, offering new textures and visual finishes, with the enduring guarantee of impeccable performance.

The finest Super 200’s wools have been used pure to create a varied, versatile portfolio of cloths for suits, jackets and blazers, with weights and finishes to suit every occasion. Superior cashmere is further enhanced with a refined “zibeline” finish, specially conceived for creating exclusive coats that boast the softness and distinctive sheen of fur.

Loro Piana Zenit® is destined for the made to measure world, for customers who appreciate unique, timeless garments that encapsulate the unique heritage of outstanding raw materials and Loro Piana's world-renowned savoir faire.