Loro Piana The Wave®

The use of the latest production processes maximises the intrinsic properties of the most select traditional textile fibres such as wool and silk to create Loro Piana "The Wave"® fabrics, made using a highly twisted 3-ply yarn in which two threads of extrafine Super 150 merino wool are combined with a filament of silk 600: the finest yarn in the world (1 kg would cover more than 570 km).

This makes the fabric more resistant, stable and capable of allowing the body to breathe.

Shiny in appearance, silky to the touch, comfortable and extremely versatile, Loro Piana "The Wave"® fabrics can be interpreted in an wide range of garments, from formal suits (which require as much as 80 km of yarn) to blazers, evening gowns, designed for traveling men and women who demand practical but impeccable clothing for every occasion and at every latitude.

Loro Piana "The Wave"® is available at Loro Piana shops and the most exclusive ateliers.

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