Zelander® Flower

Loro Piana has always been committed to respecting the environment and promoting the use of natural fibers.

Zelander® Flower
are elegant, refined fabrics in line faithful to Loro Piana quality, yet even closer to nature because they derive from vegetal dyes.

They are truly unique because each production lot has its own particular nuances and shadings that ensure the completely natural origin of the product.

Dyeing fabric using natural pigments is a fascinating, skillful art that was practiced by some of the world’s most important ancient civilizations.

The coloring properties of certain plants have always been used for artistic, ritualistic, decorative, cosmetic, or purely aesthetic purposes.

Many natural dye plants are used to extract precious pigments, and they differ in botanical characteristics, area of origin, and climate requirements.

Loro Piana uses a few that are well known, such as walnut and bilberry, and others that are less familiar and come from faraway, exotic countries such as logwood, catechu, and indigo.

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