Record Bale

As unique and precious as jewels, Record Bale fabrics represent the best of the world's production of select wools.

Every year, Loro Piana buys the "Record Bales" of the year (the bale of the finest and best quality wool) in Australia and New Zealand, the countries that have historically produced the most select wools.

In many cases, these bales have also established absolute records and are therefore known as "World Record Bales".

Loro Piana has bought the Australian and New Zealand Record Bales since 1997.

Each bale is enough to produce only a few dozen lengths of suiting fabric, which are offered in exclusive colours and designs, and distinguished by the special selvedge and label certifying the year of shearing and the origin and the fineness of the fibre.

Loro Piana ensures that the purchasers of a Record Bale length have precedence in buying subsequent lengths – which are only produced when the company acquires even finer bales on the market – in order to guarantee its customers the possibility of collecting the entire range of record suits year after year.

With the aim of encouraging and guaranteeing the production of increasingly higher quality wool, Loro Piana awards an annual prize to the breeder who produces the finest bale in Australia and the breeder who produces the finest bale in New Zealand.

The company then assigns a prestigious award to the one who has obtained the finest fibre of the two.

The record is currently held by Australian farm Pyrenees Park, with a bale of 10.3 microns.