Loro Piana Zibeline®

The fabric's characteristic wavy surface, glossy, "hammered" appearance and exceptional softness are created by a fascinating ancient finishing technique called teaseling.

Using only specially dried teasel flowers grown in the Spanish Navarra, Loro Piana applies this ancient technique to transform the most precious fibers into extraordinary fabrics.

In fact, the spines of the teasel delicately comb the fabric, raising and directing the nap.

With their unique curved shape, these plants create a wavy surface effect that cannot be obtained or reproduced with other techniques.

This process is a real art form requiring skill and infinite patience.

In fact, it takes 4,500 teasel flowers and more than a day's work to set up the teaseling machine.

Furthermore, in order to achieve the best result, these fabrics must undergo this treatment several times.

Loro Piana has prepared an exclusive treatment that permanently fixes the nap's position so that the elegance of the Zibeline effect remains unchanged over time.