Formal Clothing

Loro Piana shops offer timeless made-to-measure services for formal suits, jackets, trousers, coats, shirts and neckwear designed for those who wish to dress with classic style and elegance even on the most formal occasions.

Formal styles
Loro Piana offers personalized formal tuxedos, morning suits, dinner jackets, lounge suits and overcoats, all made by expert tailors with the greatest attention to detail.

Loro Piana constantly updates its range of more than 1,500 variations of fabrics to choose from, including extra-fine merino wools, cashmere and Baby Cashmere, vicuña, and the finest silks, combined with other fibres that allow for the softest, most lightweight high-performance formal fabrics.

For the true collectors of the extraordinary and rare, Loro Piana dedicates its Record Bales - the few dozen cuts of suiting cloth obtained from the world's finest bales of pure merino wool.

The classic made-to-measure service extends to formal shirts that can be made from a choice of more than 500 of the finest fabrics in the best cottons and linens available on the market and further personalized by a choice in collars, cuffs, fits, and the addition of a personally embroidered and discreetly placed monogram.

Made entirely by hand, Loro Piana neckwear is characterized by the attention given to construction details and the wide variety of patterns and fabrics.

There are over 100 pattern variations in silk and more than 20 in cashmere.

Ties can be made with classic hand-construction or as "seven-fold" models.

Other personalized choices in neckwear include varying widths and lengths, a monogram embroidered on the inner lining or the "Your Name" service whereby customers with a minimum order of four ties can have their name or monogram woven on the loom.