The Excellences

Loro Piana offers the option of personalizing outerwear and knits made from the finest and most precious raw materials in the world.

Baby Cashmere
Loro Piana's Baby Cashmere®, an extremely rare fibre of only 13 micron – 15% finer than traditional cashmere, is intended for truly discerning and sophisticated consumers who may choose from more than 20 models of knitwear and a range of selected colours carefully developed to preserve the exceptional softness and delicate qualities of this extraordinary raw material.


Light but extremely warm, garments made of Vicuña are available in the natural golden colour of the fibre or in a limited number of alternate shades carefully developed to ensure the ultimate characteristics of softness and fineness.

These include knitwear for men and women of various weights: very light or made more substantial by cablework, and lined in fur as an alternative to a classic windbreaker.

Further, there are more 10 men's and women's outerwear models offered in a preference of sizes and colours.

Some are enriched by precious fur linings or details, and all may be ordered with coordinating scarves and stoles rendered special with the addition of a white gold plate for men or a yellow gold ring for women.

On the back of the plate is an engraved serial number that identifies each individual accessory and its history through production from the original batch of raw fibre.

A name or initials can be engraved on back of the plate.

Vicuña - Baby Cashmere
For true lovers of exclusiveness, Loro Piana dedicates a selection of outerwear, knits and accessories made from the combination of the finest and rarest fibres in the world, all in their natural colours of honey and the purest white.

The yarns are combined in refined patterns that play on contrasting colours.

Cashmere represents the timeless signature of Loro Piana, the world's largest transformer of cashmere.

Purchased in distant China and Mongolia, only the finest and softest fibres are selected to be made into garments with an unrivaled hand.

More than 20 men's and women's knitwear styles are available as made-to-measure, with a range of more than 40 colours from which to choose.

Detailing options include cuff length, shape and depth of borders, collar, or neckline.

In certain cases, two-colour details are also an option.

All garments are available in various weights worked in one- two- or three-ply classic or extra-soft yarns.