The “Maharaja” collection from Loro Piana Interiors is a fascinating voyage through exquisite wools, crisp, light-weight linens and cottons, and silk velvets. The colours and decorative motifs are inspired by the dwellings of the Maharajas, vibrant spices and precious stones, the exotic aromas and flavours of Indian and Chinese teas and the magic of Morocco. These fabrics are envisioned for a wide variety of use, from drapery to upholstery, wall coverings and decorations.

Altai, in wool and cashmere, comes in a rich palette of colours, while Mogador features an elegant stripe.
Darjeeling and Assam are pure linens, the first striped, the second with a chevron motif.
Kathakali and Gipsy are wool and linen blends featuring a refined diamond pattern.
Nodo D’amore, is a cotton and viscose fabric woven on a jacquard loom using the “fil coupé” technique (literally meaning “cut thread”, this technique creates textured, multi-coloured patterns on both sides).
Arabesque has a linen base and features contrasting embroidery and inserts of velvet decorated to create a majolica effect.
Jaisalmer combines linen with premium Egyptian cotton, which is naturally fine and durable, to create a silky soft fabric.

The upholstery fabrics Jaipur and Shamina are precious silk velvets to mix and match, each available in six colours. Crafted with a special embossing technique which enhances the natural gleam of the silk and lends distinctive iridescent highlights, these are fabrics for textile connoisseurs.

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