Playing Cards and Fiches

Card games are undoubtedly among the most popular, well-known games. From the simplest to the most complex, these games require concentration, logic and a pinch of luck. Playing cards are thought to originate in China around the tenth century, shortly after the invention of paper. The games then arrived in India and subsequently the Arabs brought them to Europe, around the fourteenth century. By that period there were already four suits, and the cards used by aristocrats and the wealthy were finely decorated. The traditional deck, known as English playing cards, has 54 cards and can be used for all games. Loro Piana’s playing cards are presented in a precious hand-inlaid lime-wood box and feature the “My Toys” motifs, fun illustrations of elite modes of transport . The box is accompanied with 300 fiches in six different colours (also featuring the “My Toys” motifs), to use for games involving bets. The counters supplied can be used to assign a value to the fiches.