Shanghai, also known as Mikado or Pick-a-stick, is a game of dexterity and patience which was invented in Europe in the twentieth century. It consists in letting a bundle of 31 coloured sticks fall onto a flat surface and then picking them up one by one without moving any of the others. The different colours on the sticks correspond to different scores. The player who manages to pick up the most sticks and total the most points is the winner.

Although the name sounds oriental it would appear that Shanghai was invented and is played above all in the West. Loro Piana presents its version of the game in a case crafted from French Mojau calfskin, stitched and waxed by hand. The hand-turned sticks are in natural beech, heat embossed with the Loro Piana logo. The colours corresponding to the different scores are strips of soft leather that are cut and applied individually by specialised craftsmen.