The Loro Piana Cashmere of the Year Award

Introducing the “Loro Piana Method”: a commitment to the continuous improvement of cashmere quality. Presented in Shanghai in 2015, the result of a research project which began years before in Alashan in Mongolia, the “Loro Piana Method” is based on the selective breeding of Hircus goats, and a more rational approach to harvesting the fibre. This enables the breeders to achieve better results from fewer animals, giving the goats a better quality of life and reducing the risk of desertification in the areas concerned. In order to incentivise the project, Loro Piana has also established “The Loro Piana Cashmere of the Year Award”, and for the first time the company has rewarded the Chinese breeders who produced the finest cashmere during the year. The record currently stands at only 13.9 microns for a gross quantity of 200 kg of raw material.

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