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vicuña & baby cashmere

Scarf in vicuña and baby cashmere, the finest, rarest animal fibres in the world, crafted on a handloom. The vicuña and baby cashmere yarns are interwoven and alternated to create a classic overcheck motif, usually used for the lining of Loro Piana's casual jackets and windbreakers. A casual-look accessory in a compact size.
  • Code: FAF9620
  • Size: 180 x 40 cm
  • Vicuña is the finest, rarest animal fibre in the world
  • Rare, supersoft baby cashmere is obtained solely from the underfleece of Hircus goat kids
  • Short fringe trim
  • Diagonal weave
  • Composition: 50% vicuña 50% baby cashmere
  • Care and Maintenance: Dry clean only using perchloroethylene. Warm iron.
  • Made in Italy
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my scarf - vicuña & baby cashmere
my scarf - vicuña & baby cashmere
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