my scarf

vicuña & baby cashmere

Scarf in vicuña and baby cashmere, the two rarest, finest fibres in the world, crafted on manual looms. The vicuña and baby cashmere yarns are interwoven and alternated to create a classic overcheck pattern, usually used for the lining of jackets and sports jackets. A compact accessory with a casual flavour.
  • Code: FAE5648
  • Size: 180 x 40 cm
  • Short fringe trim
  • Diagonal weave
  • Composition: 45% vicuña 55% baby cashmere
  • Care and Maintenance: dry clean only using perchloroethylene. Warm iron.
  • Made in Italy
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my scarf - vicuña & baby cashmere
my scarf - vicuña & baby cashmere