Working at Loro Piana’s Luxury Good Division means becoming part of its history and embracing values such as quality, tradition, excellence, and reliability. Through our work, we turn these values into those features that make our products unique and that we search for in the new co-workers willing to become part of our world.

Working within our reality means making a difference every day: we are driven by passion and the certainty that we can always achieve more. The results we seek are never a goal, but the opportunity to continuously improve as we target our core objective: excellence.

For this reason both national and international job positions are available at Loro Piana including vocational training aiming at professional and personal improvement of our resources.
Vocational training plays a key role and offers our co-workers the chance to better express their ability as well as to grow in the Loro Piana environment. Motivation and achievement of results are boosted by the development of everyone’s strengths and by the intervention in areas with room for improvement.

A step that cannot be disregarded in every vocational training at Luxury Goods department is the Induction Training, a day dedicated to the discovery of the company, its values, its tradition and excellences. The day also includes a brief visit to the company’s production sites in Italy. An unforgettable journey from raw materials to the end product, following the manufacturing processes that unite a manufacturer’s knowledge with the most advanced technology.

Moreover, personal training courses are available in order to improve and develop the professional and personal skills of every co-worker at Loro Piana.

Our colleagues who work in the stores have at their disposal operating courses for effective management of the store as well as training focused on sales techniques. other courses, such as people management or coaching, aim at the enhancing the value of our resources .

Product Knowledge Training extensively spreads Loro Piana products’ fame, history, and materials as well as the most effective sales arguments.

The definition and implementation of these programs is carried out by the Central Retail Excellence team together with the support of the most qualified training organizations, in order to offer a consolidated intercultural experience and well-organized structures that guarantee a homogeneous distribution in every area (Europe, United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China). Adaptation to the needs of local markets is clearly implemented as well.

The contents of each training project are defined by the central offices in order to guarantee the greatest consistency with corporate values.
The recruiting process consists mainly of individual in-depth interviews focused on the evaluation of personal features, motivation, technical and specialized skills, as well as management and relational ones according to the position to be filled.

The first interview takes place with the Human Resources Department, whereas the second one, an in-depth interview, involves those in charge of that position.

Most of the time, group assessment sessions are organized and the applicants are put to the test in practical cases of everyday management of the future activities.

Obtaining or attending a Master or a specialization school is a relevant characteristic in the recruitment process. Since we aim at a greater internationalization of our Group, applicants who have studied or worked outside their country of origin and who speak one or more language(s) represent a preferential characteristic.

Qualities such as being proactive, having a spirit of initiative, the ability to work as part of a team, and willingness to take on more responsibility, including in an international context, are the common denominator of our search for both Junior and Senior profiles.

The most important criteria in the selection of applicants include the evaluation of a curriculum studiorum, professional experiences, English knowledge, and above all passion for our products. As far as the most senior applicants are concerned, a past experience in the luxury sector or in companies analogous to our areas of expertise make the application more relevant and interesting.

We pay particular attention to the internal growth of our young talents through targeted and paid placements offered to outstanding young graduates. During these periods, the recruits become familiar with the labour market and our company while being personally guided and accompanied by a designated tutor.

The placement is fundamental in order to deepen the knowledge of our group, to put one’s professional skills at stake and to develop a practical working experience so as to grow and take on new responsibilities.

Milan is the beating heart of Loro Piana Retail at a European and on a global level. Our offices in Via Turati are home to our representative office as well as our showroom where we present our products to buyers and to the press.

The professional profiles involved are:

  • Buying Retail
  • CRM
  • General Management
  • Human Resources - Retail
  • Merchandising
  • Operations - Retail
  • Public relations
  • Retail management
  • Retail Excellence (Training)
  • Sales Showroom
  • Commercial Office Wholesale/Franchising
  • Technical Office
  • Visual &. Merchandising

  • Borgosesia:

    Our operations centre. This is the place where our end products are conceived and the administrative aspects, IT and logistics of our business are managed.

    The professional profiles involved are:

  • Administration
  • Business Planning &. control
  • Design/Creation/Research &. Development
  • E shop and Web site
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing communication
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Technical Department
  • Human Resources – Luxury Goods Division
  • Supply Chain/Operations/logistic
  • Purchase department

  • Stores in exclusive luxury locations:

    Our stores stand out for their exclusive locations and for a careful and sophisticated customer service.

    The professional profiles involved in our stores are:

  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Sales Associate
  • Sales Associate (Visual &. Product)
  • Administrative referent
  • Stock controller
  • Cashier
  • X
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