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Blanket Stories

Blankets are an essential component of Loro Piana and Watt’s respective histories.

At Loro Piana, they were among the first products ever produced. To this day, they remain an important element of the company’s legacy: blankets are an ultimate expression of warmth and comfort. Within Watt’s oeuvre, blankets symbolize safeguarding, established traditions, familial heirlooms, and physical entities to which memories may be imprinted and embedded. Together, the brand and the artist believe in weaving together textile and form to tell stories from our vast yet inextricably connected global community.

The Blanket Stories sculpture, in particular, consists of nearly fifty thoughtfully layered and stacked blankets donated by a diverse group of Loro Piana’s friends, partners and family. Donations were submitted from around the world and each blanket arrived with an anecdote from its owner; these stories are written on hang tags attached to the piece.

For the sculpture titled Blanket Stories, Loro Piana called upon friends, partners and family around the world for blanket donations. Each submission contributed to the formulation of the artwork, and each arrived with a story.

Their narratives range from humorous to heartwarming, with every single anecdote illustrating a deeply personal sentiment that is as once individual in experience yet universal in feeling.

Below, please find our community’s blanket stories.